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Mona Delahooke, PhD, is a clinical and consulting pediatric psychologist specializing in supporting children and families. She has dedicated her career to promoting compassionate, relationship-based interventions for children with developmental, behavioral, emotional and learning differences.

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Six-year-old “Yvonne” was an only child and the apple of her parents’ eyes. After she was diagnosed with developmental differences, they enrolled her in a preschool class that included typical children as well as those with special needs. She did so well that the following year she moved to a mainstream kindergarten class.

Just a [...]

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Parenting: When Being Consistent Backfires

October 22nd, 2017

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As a psychologist, I frequently hear the same complaint from frustrated parents.  We have made every effort to be consistent in disciplining our child, they say, but our child’s problematic behaviors won’t go away.

In other words, what should you do when consistency fails?

Consider “Maya”, who as a toddler was pegged as a “spirited” [...]

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Sensory Processing and Challenging Behaviors: Below the Iceberg

October 12th, 2017

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Grant, age four, was asked to leave two preschools because of misbehavior. With tousled brown hair, big brown eyes, and a playful spirit, he both charmed and confused most of the adults in his life. He had such difficulty following directions that his teachers had to reprimand him every few minutes. They described him as [...]

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